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You have an event that needs posted to Lincoln Atheists' events. Fill out the form and we can get it posted for people to see.
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Keep it concise. Few words: brief but comprehensive. Details can be elaborated on in the details portion.
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What are the details of {{answer_13249865}}?
When is {{answer_13249865}}? *

• Start date and time.
• End time if it is restricted.
• End date if it spans more than one day.
Where? *

Name of the location and physical address so if someone needs to, they can navigate to the event.
Who is the point of contact?

If event goers need additional info who should they contact? At least first name and some sort of contact info (email, phone number).

Leave blank if it is free.
List any cost that people will have to pay to attend the event e.g. tickets price or cover charge.
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