Welcome to the Lincoln Atheists Member satisfaction survey.
Overall, how satisfied are you with Lincoln Atheists?

Please explain your reason(s) for the overall satisfaction rating.

How satisfied are you with the current means of communications (newsletters, web site, etc.)?

What is your preferred form of communication about upcoming initiatives?

Have you participated in one of our committees?

Activities, Community Service, Education, Marketing
If you haven't and would like more information please provide your name.

How far in advance of an event do you prefer to receive information?

How far in advance of an event do you usually make a decision to attend?

What are some of the events you ave attended in the last 12 months?

Monthly Meetup, Coffee and Conversation, Tabletop Gaming, Roadside Cleanup, etc.
If you have suggestions for improvements or new events that you have or want to attend, please let us know.

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